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To Feel & Perceive

Hello and welcome to the Sentient Reiki Practice website! My name is Julie, and in case you’re wondering, here is how my journey into the world of Reiki began.

From a very young age I always knew I was different. I had had an affinity with animals and an innate ‘knowing’ of when they were ill or suffering, which at the time was something that I truly thought everyone had. Realising my inner spirituality, I wanted to explore my abilities to a deeper level and use them to help others within their own journey throughout life.

Then one day about 12 years ago, I heard about Reiki. I’m not sure how it took my attention, but something clicked into place, and I looked on the internet to find out more and find a practitioner to teach me. Within my search, Ginny Patterson in Northants instantly appeared, and after a little thought I decided to contact her to find out when her next courses would be starting.

But, for some reason the time wasn’t right and I put it on hold. A year later I approached Ginny again, and was booked on my first course, Reiki Level 1. Some three years later after completing my Levels 1, 2 and 3 and then undertaking the Equine and Small Animal Reiki course, I was finally ‘attuned’ as a Reiki Master. Unlike other healing arts, Reiki is passed on from Master to student through a Reiki Attunement, that allows the student to connect to the universal Reiki source.

With a genuine calling to heal and help others, I know that I have found my spiritual path. Founding the Sentient Reiki Practice has enabled me to channel my spirituality and spread awareness of this beautiful, powerful and natural healing energy.

Julie Rothwell

Qualified Reiki Master


Reiki Treatments

Whether you are considering Reiki for yourself, a friend or a loved one, find more about this amazing natural healing and what to expect during your session.


Equine Reiki

Helping to to realign horses to a happier and healthier state of wellbeing, helping to support the horse with stress, trauma, pain and energy blockages.


Angel Readings

Beautiful experiences to connect you with your own personal guardian angels to give voice to spiritual guidance that you might not otherwise see, hear or feel.