Equine Reiki


Hands-On Healing

Having ridden and owned horses since the age of 10, the natural progress from Human Reiki was of course Equine Reiki. So, after qualifying as a Reiki practitioner, I immediately proceeded to undertake my Reiki for Small Animal & Equine course. I find it very rewarding to work with horses as they have no preconception of what a healing session entails. They simply accept and relax. And that’s all I ask of them. Equine Reiki can help to realign horses to a happier and healthier state of wellbeing, helping to support the horse with stress, trauma, pain and energy blockages and assist in releasing pent up issues.

The Equine Reiki Process

In similarity to Human Reiki, I begin at the shoulder and work my way around the body, opening and healing each chakra point. The animal does not have to have shown any specific injury or pain-related discomfort, but if they are presented to me, I can help speed up the healing process through the power healing force of Reiki.  Often where the client reports the pain/discomfort to be in the horse, I find that the source emanates from another part of the body.  I like to work closely with other practitioners such as physiotherapists, equine massage therapists and McTimoney equine chiropractors to assure the animal gets every opportunity to heal.

Happiness & Health

The most interesting part of my session with horses is usually when I work on the Crown Chakra, which is where I will find the most resistance. Why? Because this is where past memories are stored. And, like humans, when horses hold onto unhealthy memories, this can lead to problems in the here and now. Letting me ‘in’ is often a little painful for them as they don’t want to bring those thoughts to the fore.

But, please be assured, when they finally let go and give their fears to me, the transformation of the horse’s wellbeing can be phenomenal. Horses cannot cry! Crying is a way we humans can ‘get things out of their system’, and I use the powers of Reiki to assist the horse to do this.

How Long is a Session?

The session lasts approximately 45 minutes, but this greatly depends on each individual horse.

Price of session: £45 plus fuel costs if you are outside a 5 mile radius of Sutton Bonington

Equine Body & Soul

I may not speak your language, but when you spend time in my presence and listen with your heart you will hear my voice.